Additional visa, travel and transfer information

The official website of MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) provides useful information about visas, customs duties, foreign embassies/consulates in Bulgaria, Bulgarian embassies/consulates abroad etc. The quoted link directs you to a list of countries who NEED / DON’T NEED visas to enter Bulgaria, as well as other useful information about your travel.

Varna is accessible via by road, rail, air and sea transport. Supposedly most of you will use air transport. Varna airport has scheduled flights to/from Sofia, Istanbul, Moscow, Vienna, London, as well as charter chains to many other destinations. Bulgaria Air and Wizz Air are the only carriers who have regular flights between Sofia and Varna. Transfers Sofia-Varna are also possible by train with typical duration 7-8 hours, by bus with typical duration 6 hours. While railroad is served by a single state company (BDZ), bus lines belong to numerous companies, who have own websites, ticket booths etc. It is unlikely to find a website having all their timetables compiled. The ticket prices of different companies differ insignificantly. Sofia and Varna have also a lot of international bus lines to many major European towns. Individual or group transfer between Varna airport/Railstation/Busstation to/from St.St.Constantine and Helena will be provided by request for additional fee, which depends on the number of passengers. Cheap transfer available with Varna public transport company from airport’s Terminal 2 to the center of the city and further to the resort.

Varna and the region offer great variety of places of interest, cultural and sports events, recreation etc. Check the provided links, or perform a Google search, and you will be pleasantly surprised of what expects you both within the city and in the near vicinity.

In case you have some specific needs and/or interests, don’t hesitate to ask. We will try help.

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